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masman_motornews_N°1_2007_osella«Motornews Motormagazine» is a free-press newspaper published by MASMAN Communications born to promote the most important motoring events on national scale. An itinerant magazine, “Motornews Motormagazine” follows national and international events about speed competitions like “Mondiale Superbike”, “Tricolore della Montagna”, “Karting” and several “Monomarca “ Cups, which take place in the major national and international racetracks.

Its special back-fold format arouses the reader’s curiosity also because of its graphic impact, its organic and functional graphics and its journalistic contents, dealing not only with information, but also technical materials.

ferrari «Motornews Motormagazine» readers are professional and amateur racers, competitions experts and qualified journalists; fairs and sport event organizers. The magazine is distributed for free in racetracks and specifically staged areas and it is a valid information and promotion vehicle for all the products concerning motors, also during exhibitions and motor fairs.

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