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logo_masman_web_002The MASMAN Communications is a modern enterprise operating in the field of mass communications since 1999, born from an idea of Massimo Manfregola and aiming at the organization and development of cultural and sport events, as well as occurrences interacting with industrial technology. The enterprise works actively in editorial, electronic, radio and television broadcasting industries , in order to provide successful solutions and strategies in all the main media sectors. MASMAN Communication avails itself of a highly skilled staff able to professionally deal with every kind of projects related to business communication, both on national and international level. Organizational team’s efficiency is guaranteed by the use of well-advanced technologies in modern computerised information systems.


max_001flight_motornews_web_008profilo FacebookMassimo Manfregola, founder of MASMAN Communications, is a journalist with a long experience in the filed of print media and broadcast communication. He collaborates with several national newspapers concerning motorcycling. Massimo is creator and is the director of freepress journals: Attestato-Accademia“Check-in” and “Motorsnews”; in addition he has coordinated for 20 years press offices and public relations for leading cinema and television enterprises such Rai Cinema and 01 Distribuition. Furthermore, he worked, though an exclusive contract the national aircraft Alitalia, on the television production of “Flight Motornews”, a program about motors.

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