brocure_progetti_editoriali_A Editorial and journalistic graphics are, amongst the multiple professional skills of our company, the focus of interest of MASMAN Communication Massimo Manfregola’s professional experience in print journalism and television actively contributed to strengthen those requirements that, by now, have become the key points of our productions. masman_flaei_lavoratore_elettrico_N1_2009

We can create layouts for books, newspapers, business brochures and printed material; editorial projects for business house organs, free-press and national newspapers. Our graphic division plans and chooses the most suitable graphic project to satisfy the customer’s needs, balancing text and photography in order to optimize the printing process as well. Among our recent editorial projects are “Il Lavoratore Elettrico” published by Flae-Cisl; “I Cinquant’anni del Gis”, colour magazine for Gruppo Giornalisti Sciatori’s fifty anniversary (Skiing Journalists’ Group); Fase di Carta illustrated catalogue; our free-press newspapers “Check-In” and “Motorsnews”; specialized pages about motors on “Il Mattino di Foggia” newspaper, and Flaei-Cisl “Energia”.

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