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drone_gofly_masman+LOGO_72Our GoFly Drone records, through its innovative digital high-resolution “flycam” system, astonishing and professional videos and aerial shootings and pictures. GoFly is a multi-rotor and mobile-winged (or rotating-winged) high performance drone; driven by electric motors, it allows aerial recordings for video sequences in areas otherwise inaccessible by conventional means.

radiocomando_masman_drone_gofly The RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems have recently become of common use in several applications, thanks to the growing interest towards low-cost monitoring and research solutions in an increasingly eco-friendly background.

Zenmuse_dji_Z_H3_2D_72Considering the rising prices of technologies related to data collection on sophisticated aerial platforms, UAV aircrafts are therefore a valid and effective economic option both in civil and military contexts. Their application extends to sectors such as agriculture, environment, geology, civil protection and environmental monitoring, allowing the electronic and satellite digitalization (through GPS systems) of the examined field.

masman_drone_gofly_vivaro Our four-engine GoFly is geared with DJI Innovations technology equipped with a Naza FC device which includes a GPS compass, so to allow the smart orientation of the aircraft also in case of landing with autopilot.
Our drone is equipped as follows: GoPro3 camera + Stable FPV Transmitter 7-inch LCD monitor + Advanced Autopilot Naza M + GPS + possibility to keep the “hold” position while flying + automatic “Go Home” and “Landing” failsafe + automatic orientation control option.

Furthermore, the drone is geared with a Gimbal DJI Zenmuse H3-D2, one of the best and innovative camera-mount, exclusively designed for GoPro Hero 3 camera
bilanciamento_eliche_drone_goflyDue to its high accuracy, stability and lightness, it is widely used in movie and television productions, as well as in aerial photography. Even when the multi-rotor is flying at high speed, the Zenmuse camera-mount can stabilise and control the camera with utmost precision.

The control angle precision is included in the range of ± 0.08°, thus providing high quality videos.

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Security is our main prerogative when it comes to our fleet of SAPR system-equipped drones. Any necessary condition for the planning of an effective flight, able to fulfil all predetermined objective, is predisposed before the flight itself.
Our security criteria have been analyzed according to specific professional guidelines and put to use by qualified personnel and technicians skilled in aeronautic constructions.
Thanks to the optimization and integration of avionic systems (that is, all the electronic navigation equipment installed on the aircraft and necessary to fly), we are able to make critic avionic functions reliable, foreseeing redundancy in order to make every mechanical failure, which could be dangerous during the flight, extremely improbable.
Strict and systemic maintenance processes guarantee our flight the utmost performance and the best structural security for our drones and the electronic elements essential to flight.
We can locate and install delimitation “bells” for sectors difficult to fly over like airports, pedestrian areas, motorways, natural obstacles and everything that could interfere with a safe flight.

Technical Features of our GoFly Phantom:
Phantom features

  1. Attractive and highly integrated design
  2. Stable, yet agile performance, easy to fly
  3. Two flight modes, preservation of position included
  4. GPS module & Compass included
  5. Contains the remote control unit, ready to fly
  6. IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) mode
  7. Low voltage protection
  8. High intensity LED indicator, to help orientation during the flight
  9. GoPro camera mount included
  10. Lithium battery and charger included

Specific features DJI Phantom

  1. Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
  2. Power Consumption: 3.12W
  3. Take-off weight <1000g
  4. Accuracy in hover (GPSMode): Vertical: ± 0.8m Horizontal: ± 2.5m
  5. Yaw angular velocity: 200 ° / s
  6. Maximum rotation angle: 45°
  7. Maximum ascending/descending speed: 10 m/s (36 km/h)
  8. Diagonal distance (axis distance): 350 mm

Glossary and definitions
DRONE: any device able to fly autonomously (or in part), without the aid of a pilot. Drones are, for instance, airplanes, helicopters, multi-rotors, gyrocopters, airships and every device equipped with an electronic system that allows them to fly as above mentioned.
MULTI-COPTER: a multi-rotor model aircraft that can lift and move while flying through the remote radio control of a pilot (a model aircraft expert and/or collector). Its flight is always a visual one and it cannot fly autonomously.
So, any multi-copter (tricopter, quadricopter, esacopter, etc.) with a board that only allows MANUAL MODE flight is a multi-rotor.
Any multi-copter (tricopter, quadricopter, esacopter, etc.) with a board that allows also stationary or automatic-dynamic flight, with (or without) the help of GPS or barometric sensor (e.g. Altitude Lock, RTH or navigation through waypoint) and without the need for the pilot to operate by remote control, is a drone.

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